Erasmus Policy Statement

Erasmus Policy Statement

Rufa ensures a non – discrimination policy, providing equal opportunity and possibilities of participation in all activities for its members, regardless of gender, political and religious ideas, and social background. Disabled students from abroad have already been accepted and integrated, while prospective international students, with disabilities are most welcome, as we believe that full experience abroad may provide them with the best psichological help to cope with the barriers of diversity.

Rufa, Rome University of Fine Arts, has focused its efforts to foster and augment bilateral and multilateral agreements in European and non-European (Chinese  Popular Republic, Azerbajian, Malesia, Moldova) countries, open to internationalization, with a view to innovative projects and methodologies, actively participating to the communitarian integration, promoting students and staff mobility. Partners are chosen according to curricula of studies, both theoretical and practical, in order to achieve a complete integration of Rufa student’s education. A  particular attention is given  to Institutions offering an educational paths similar to ours in the area of Fine Arts, Design and Applied Arts and new Technologies for Arts. All incoming and outgoing students and teachers, according to community rules, are and will be admitted to international activities, like international competitions and exhibitions, regardless of race, politics and religion.

Any other activity is recorded in the Diploma Supplement.

At the moment Interistitutional agreements have been signed with Institutions in Europe (Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, England, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey.

Rufa awarded by an Erasmus Chart since 2010, has established profitably exchange students, teacher and staff members, with a considerable number of Institutions, enriching both the quality of the Academy and education of students who experience directly another culture extending personal knowledge, the use of new didactic methods and by the exchange of arts experience with their colleagues abroad, having the opportunity to mature and opening their artistic views, comparing them with European and the international artistic scene.

A restyling of Rufa website with a multilingual sections dedicated to Erasmus, let students be updated about info concerning Erasmus Programme.

The development of Erasmus activities contemplates the following actions: expansion of the network with new Universities, increase of general mobility for students, teachers, administrative staff, coordination, through the Institutional Commission, of new projects inherent International teaching and research, promotion of transversal programmes with the focus innovative  language  and ICT based teaching methods.  Erasmus Partners are increasing year by year, an remarkable effort has been focused on improving  Italian language knowledge for incoming students by signing agreements with Schools and Institutions of Italian languages (Societa’  Dante Alighieri) .

Promotions of Erasmus programme is given as well by Rufa students who have experienced personally the mobility, sharing with their colleagues different aspects about Erasmus programme.