Rometti Prize 2017, two RUFA students win!

Our students Veronica Mascelluti and Gaia Rossi Merighi win the 2017 edition of the Rometti Prize, taking home the first place. The two girls, masterfully followed by professor Paolo Parea, convinced the jury with their work entitled “Dualism”, a design lamp that sinks its concept into a refined and complex research.

The idea of the “Dualism” project is based on the principle of dualism: the two different elements that constitute it represent fundamental concepts, in relation of mutual complementarity or opposition, being / appearing, soul / body. The metal cage presents itself as a rigorous geometric element, constituting the external part of the lamp. It also conceptually represents the mask that we assign to ourselves and that obliges us to move according to very precise schemes, within a pre-established society, regulated by laws and habits, thus making us feel “imprisoned”. The element enclosed within it represents the soul, our inner “light”.

Our students will receive a cash prize, but above all the possibility to put the project into production, with relative recognition of royalties on sales.

Congratulations from the whole Academy to the two students and the teachers who have given them guidance and support.