Graphic design

2016 RUFA Annual Report was Red Dot awarded in Berlin

2016 RUFA Annual Report has won the Red dot Award, one of the most important awards in the world for design. On Saturday, October 27, Guido Lombardo, Professor RUFA of the Graphic Design Course, and Giampiero Donno, representing the team, received the prestigious Red dot: Best of the Best in Berlin. The Annual Report, a collection of the best academic and creative achievements of the academy in 2016, impressed the jury that defined “every single page engaging and at the same time infused with a harmonious balance between emotions and information” . Our affectionate congratulations go to the team wich worked on the project; they have been able to make the report a map for a fantastic trip into the academy.
A heartfelt thanks also goes to the printing partners Tipografare and Arjowiggins Creative Paper.


Intorno Design, Rome, Italy

Art Direction
Giampiero Donno

Content Supervision
Fabio Mongelli

Creative Direction
Guido Lombardo, Tommaso Salvatori

Editorial Work
Elena Pagnotta, Alessandro Caruso

Embroidery Artwork
Federica Di Pietrantonio

Graphic Design
Gianluca Vicini, Linda Marchetti, Matteo Sampaolo, Roberta De Cristofaro, Eleonora Cerri Pecorella

Stefano Compagnucci, Rome, Italy

Christian Rizzo