The Erasmus+ Call for Teachers and Administrative Personnel is online

To all RUFA staff: the Erasmus+ a.a.2017 -2018 call for proposals for the mobility of teachers and administrative staff has been published.

Below is the list of the headquarters of Rufa Partner Institutions:
To apply for mobility for teaching or administrative staff, you must submit your application:

– the completed and signed application form (attachment A);
– cv (in the language of the destination country or in English;
– the training mobility for teaching (attached) or administrative staff mobility program (training agreement – attached) to be carried out at the institution of destination;

The training mobility for teaching must contain all the required information (including teaching hours – the proposal of the days for the mobility period) in English.
On the basis of the available resources, Rufa establishes independently the limits of eligible mobility, for a minimum of 2 days of teaching (8 hours). Only in exceptional cases, it will be possible to consider, for justified reasons and adequate financial coverage, mobility exceeding this limit, which may not exceed seven days. The departure can happen to the maximum one day before the beginning of the teaching and the return to the maximum one day after the end of the teaching. No interruptions of teaching are allowed.
Once the applications have been selected, the requests will be sent to the Institution of destination preferably for evaluation.
Teaching hours not held at the Academy will be recuperated.
The booking of flights and accommodation is at the teacher’s charge.
The Erasmus funds provided according to the destination will be distributed in a 70% before departure and a 30% upon return at the presentation of the required documentation.
Priority will be given to teachers and / or administrative staff who have not yet carried out the Erasmus mobility.

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