Photography and Audiovisual

RUFA, image and contemporaneity also in the fashion world

The development of made in Italy also passes through the Rome University of Fine Arts. The Academy of Fine Arts legally recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research, directed by the architect Fabio Mongelli, opens itself in a clear and decisive way to the world of fashion. A logical and somewhat expected consequence, considering that for some years now RUFA has been close, from an artistic point of view, to the most important fashion contests in the sector. Thanks to the photography courses, coordinated by the teacher Alessandro Carpentieri, the Capitoline University is ready to welcome designers who want to join an innovative and dynamic image project: the RUFA classrooms will host the creations of cutting and sewing artists, who will be able to realize all the shooting useful to promote their production and their brand.

The project includes the presence of an expert teacher who will guide the work of RUFA students/photographers after having defined the implementation lines with the same designer of the garments. The designer will then be able to take advantage of the Academy’s studios, the expertise of photographers of the highest reputation in the national and international scene and motivated students, ready to surprise critics, audiences and professionals from a qualitative and quantitative point of view. The activity in question, thanks to the participation of ad hoc consultants, is part of the training internship processes that allow students to enter the labor market in a more timely and fast way.

“With the activation of this new experience – explains the director Fabio Mongelli – we are entering one of the most important productive sectors of the national economic system. In taking this step we are ready to transfer our knowhow, but above all our being “up with the times”, anticipating future image trends. The intent, of course, is to avoid banality, to give shape and substance to shots of the highest artistic profile and contemporary cut. To complete this picture, already virtuous in itself, the technological and structural efficiency that we make available to stylists”.

The executive management methods of the initiative are entrusted to the RUFA External Relations Office, which aims to meet the needs of the stylists, together with those of the Academy.

Photo: Luigia Scarfogliero