Let’s make a xilotheque – meeting with Gianni Cantarutti

In the last talk made in RUFA we explored the boundless world of wood. Our guest Gianni Cantarutti, founder of Slow Wood, who since childhood has been attracted by the scent, colors and grain of wood, began to collect the most varied species and exchange them with experts and collectors from all over the world, from Madagascar to the Solomon Islands, from Bolivia to China. With over thirty years of experience in the study, research and selection of precious woods from around the world, Gianni Cantarutti has always been committed to the responsible use of wood as a resource. At RUFA, Cantarutti has passed on his passion and knowledge to young students and has given an overview of the Slow Wood xylotheque, made up of over 400 technically and commercially usable wood species. Knowledge of these, which young designers can certainly take advantage of in an increasingly conscious use of materials.

Xylotheque talk con Gianni Cantarutti