Photography and Audiovisual

RUFA between art and video art on October 25th is in the name of contemporaneity

To know and appreciate the contemporaneity between art, image and movement. From October 19 to 28 is the entire city of Rome to be surrounded by creativity. Museums, galleries, foundations, associations and non-profit spaces have embraced with great enthusiasm and sense of participation the theme of video art in an unprecedented event. “Videocittà. Widen your vision”: expanding the vision of expressiveness is among the main objectives of the event. Moreover, it is the artists who, from a conceptual point of view, eliminate barriers and boundaries and broaden horizons, turning their attention to what still needs to be. The program that in these days contaminates Rome presents very significant numbers: 25 locations, more than 100 video works, more than 60 international artists, with very important participations. Videocittà is a unique and perhaps unrepeatable cultural itinerary that winds through symbolic places of knowledge. In this context the Rome University of Fine Arts finds its ideal dimension: on October 25, in Via degli Ausoni 7a, in the former Pastificio Cerere in a post-industrial design of the highest impact, in concert with the Foundation that preserves the knowledge and memory of the Palace located in the heart of the San Lorenzo district, it will be possible to attend the screening of “Macrocosmo” (2018), an experimental short-doc self-produced by Tommaso Fagioli that narrates a summer Rome through a fresco of images in “Lo-Fi” style, filmically filming the musical scenarios that took place between the late eighties and early nineties.

But the artistic path, or better to say video-artistic, proposed by RUFA is made even more complete by the performances, always in the same location in Via degli Ausoni 7a. The first one, “Wanderlust”, curated by Gaia Flamigni, focuses on the theme of travel: the aim is to take a step and get away from your center; to discover yourself; to get out of the bubble that protects the human being. Your home, your culture, your type of cuisine: everything is reassuring, but if the bubble remains closed and intact for too long the air inside tends to become toxic. On display: Federica Di Pietrantonio, Gaia Flamigni, Lin Qui Rue, Caterina Gianfelici, Verdiana Bove, Josephine Sequino, Cem Kaynar, Stefano Calabrese.

The second exhibition focuses on RUFA students of photography. The experience, entitled “18th Nervous Breakdown”, aims to show a lacerating investigation within the self.
On display: Giacomo Bassi, Giada Cicchetti, Mattia De Nittis, Marta Ferro, Francesca Fiore, Claudia Rolando, Giuseppe Rosato, Anna Di Paola. These two activities are part of the official program of “Rome Art Week”: an annual event dedicated to contemporary art that aims to build a network between exhibition facilities, artists, critics, curators, scholars, collectors and enthusiasts.

And then on the Terrazza Semoleria, the aperitif to relax and enjoy a unique view.

These are therefore three different events that give shape and substance to an ideological path that is perfectly channeled into the so-called “RUFA – experience”: aimed at the search for new creative paths and in the negation of what is conventional and banal.