RUFA welcomes Lucrezia Testa Iannilli

The training analyzed from a practical point of view, listening to the protagonists of the national and worldwide art system, ready to suggest paths and give advice to better face the post-graduream career. It is on this precise assumption that the RUFA talks are based. The goal is simple and functional at the same time: to contribute to the artistic, personal and professional improvement of students.

Wednesday, November 21 at 10.00 am the initiative focuses on the theme “THE SITE-SPECIFIC VISION and how to work off set”. The meeting is curated by Professor Francesco Ugolini, with the presence of an exceptional speaker: Lucrezia Testa Iannilli. She began working as a freelance around the world, first as a federal riding instructor in Canada and then in the equestrian shows sector. From the rodeo show business to the equestrian theater, the young artist moved to Brazil within a scenario linked to expressivity, music and performance, trying her hand at the direction of many of London, Paris and Palermo. Thanks to studies, insights and a research never trivial, she directly experiences a personal language related to action photography, art direction site-specific and reportage.

“In this talk – explains Lucrezia Testa Iannilli – I would like students to understand what is at stake, without being reduced to a classroom or an audience, in order to understand how to face being in art with emancipation from any metaphysical faith. In this sense, the encounter is a contemporary operation in a sphere of common appearance/appearance”.

Appointment at the Aula Paolo Rosa | via taro, 14 | 10.00 a.m.
It is necessary to book by going to the Direction by Monday, November 19.