Visual arts students’ works on exhibition in Treviso

Nine RUFA students were present at the “Herstory is Ourstory”. The prestigious event organized by the Benetton Foundation, at the Bomben spaces in via Cornarotta 7, Treviso, will be inaugurated on November 25th, starting at 6 pm.
Federica Baggio, Flaminia Bonciani, Elisabetta Gentilli, Cinzia Olanda, Gaia Flamigni, Laura Capriglia, Maria Cavinato, Tatiana Balchesini and Roberta Corongiu presented works on canvas in 10×12 format, as requested in the call for proposals.

The exhibition is part of an integrated project to raise awareness against cyber-crime and gender violence. The initiative, promoted by “Imago Mundi – Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche”, foresees an artistic path composed of more than 120 works realized by the students of the Academies of Fine Arts scattered over most of the national territory. The Rome University of Fine Arts, attentive and sensitive to the proposed argument, has joined with enthusiasm, in the knowledge that classrooms and teaching are above all a means of sharing experiences to prepare for life. Art, from this point of view, allows to get in touch with the facts of the news, telling them in a different light, thus allowing their use to a wider and more diverse audience. A message that the teacher Fabrizio Dell’Arno, coordinator of the activities, has transmitted perfectly to the students.
The works on display address the issues of gender violence and feminicide, but also the confrontation in the private sphere, women’s freedom of expression, pornography and the gender gap: phenomena against which the Postal and Communications Police has been carrying out, for more than twenty years, a widespread work of prevention, information and contrast.