RUFA Contest, the theme of the 2019 edition is “The Divine Aesthetics”.

RUFA Contest, the theme of the 2019 edition is ” Divina Aesthetics”

The announcement for the 2019 edition of the RUFA Contest has been published . As usual, it aims to enhance and support the talent of RUFA students. For the Academy , legally recognized by the Miur, an important year has just begun: in fact, in addition to the recurrence of the first two decades after the founding of the Academy by M° Alfio Mongelli, we also pursue the deep meaning of beauty that is at the foundation of expressiveness.

“It is right in front of you that I can not resist. When I feel your soul I abandon my reason. What I see, affects what I feel, and your divine power is a lightning under the skin “.

It is in this literal and sensorial construct that RUFA artistic director Emanuele Cappelli determines the course of the 2019 edition. In the theme “Divine Aesthetics” we intend to celebrate the form: because many words are confusing. The goal is to think without disturbances and approximations.
If RUFA students want to reach the final, they will have to deal with the concept of aesthetics connected to beauty, identifying the absolute features of form and color, harmony and dynamic equilibrium. The aim is to cancel the trend and the ephemeral, making ones own project divine through the value of the content and the simplicity of the message.

It is possible to take part in RUFA Contest individually or in groups, generating a team up to 5 units. The registration can be made from January the 14th until February the 25th using the form on the website www.unirufa.it . By March the 5th a special internal commission will make a first selection. By April the 29th the final project will be delivered and on May the 6th the 25 projects admitted to the final – as well as the three out-of-competition works, that will be exhibited at the masterclass – will be announced. The RUFA Contest winner will be entitled to a cash prize of 2,500.00 euros, as well as a return ticket for one person.