RUFA supports the participation in the Creativity Fund promoted by the Lazio Region

There are five fields of activity included in the Creativity Fund, established by Article 7 of Regional Law 13/2013, which is also proposed for 2019: music, audiovisual, publishing, communication, video games and software. This is an opportunity that deserves consideration and deepening and that would allow many students and RUFA graduates to shorten the time to enter the world of work. There is still time to join until April 12.
The fund in question aims to support the birth and/or development of innovative start-ups, operating in the field of cultural and creative activities for at least two years, through the provision of non-repayable grants to support start-up costs and to cover investment and management costs. In particular, the notice is addressed to those who intend to operate with a cultural or creative contribution compared to current knowledge, in one or more of the following areas of interest: art, restoration, artistic craftsmanship, technologies applied to cultural heritage, photography, architecture, design, industrial design, fashion design.
The announcement, published in the BUR n. 8 of last 24 January, illustrates the modalities and criteria for the granting of the Fund’s resources. It will be possible to fill in the form available on-line on the GeCoWEB platform, accessible from the website www.lazioinnova.it, on the dedicated page until 12 noon next April 12. Requests can only be submitted via pec, at incentivi@pec.lazioinnova.it.