Multimedia Arts and Design

RUFA, Filippo Gualazzi protagonist at Art Dubai 2019

The impressive location of Madinat Jumeirah, in the heart of the Persian Gulf, was the backdrop for the art installations of over 100 galleries from 48 different countries. These are some of the numbers that make the 2019 edition of Art Dubai, the twelfth of the series, unique: a perfect synthesis between consolidated realities and emerging scenarios, between places that have made the history of art – system and new research agora that analyze and express innovative languages and opportunities.
In this scenario RUFA was best represented by the student of Multimedia arts and design, Filippo Gualazzi, as winner of the MTV – RUFA Contest 2018 award. For Gualazzi, who is close to achieving his master’s degree, participation in Art Dubai has already started from Rome Fiumicino, with access to the lounge area of Fly Emirates, also a partner of the RUFA Contest. From then on the journey was a perfect mix of emotion, innovation, performance, discovery. A hymn to contemporaneity in the knowledge that direct learning is synonymous with training.