RUFA Open Day. The relaunch of the San Lorenzo district.

Talent: to be shaped and to be shown. The relaunch of the San Lorenzo district pass through the driving force and dynamism of the new generations. The Open Day that the Rome University of Fine Arts hosted at the Pastificio Cerere, the heart of Rome’s expressiveness, allowed students who want to take the path of creativity to meet the former students who are entering the professional world. The role of the RUFA professors was very relevant hight because they are those who make the imaginable real and take the boundaries of research and artistic production ever further ahead.

RUFA allowed the students to experience the laboratory activities by transforming the Open Day into a high level exbition where students and professors collaborated.

In the RUFA Space the environmental installation “Cave of dreams”, curated by the School of Visual Arts, has generated an unquestionable sensory impact. The Multimedia Arts and Design course, with the collaboration of “Ultravioletto” and “Quiet Ensemble”, has defined the concept of “Eterea” searching the existing even in the vacuum, in a cosmic and alienating experience to be lived in the third person. Two Graphic Design projects are proposed: “Self-portrait” and “Sovereign Power”. In the first, the subject, as an image of itself, is represented through a series of key figures: Diana and Actaeon, the dream, the genealogical tree. In the second, the allegory of justice shows the duplicity of sovereignty between institutional procedures and the state of exceptions. Then there is the exhibition of Design “Made in Rufa” to make people understand the meaning of being a designer today and to respond to the challenge of the fourth industrial revolution that is taking place in the contemporary scenario.