Graphic design

RUFA, screenplay debut for Graphic Design students Matteo Porri and Giulia Monti

Matteo Porri, also known as Matteofire97, and Giulia Monti, both RUFA Graphic Design students, make their debut in the script publishing their first animation book: “Un mondo di cubi – Il risveglio di Herobrine“. Matteo, a very popular gameplayer on online channels with over 250,000 followers, wrote the story while Giulia took care of the illustrations.

The comic strip tells the story of Kai, Pon and Lio: three friends who live in a quiet village composed almost entirely of cubic objects (a detail that suggests the great passion for the videogame Minecraft). They still don’t know that soon they will find themselves immersed in an adventure worthy of the fabulous legends they read in the evening before falling asleep. A group of bad guys is on the trail of five mysterious amulets able to awaken a sleeping creature named Herobrine for years, to control his power and conquer the world, until the last cube. Who will win this exciting and entertaining race against time? To find out, you need to be passionate about the reading and the progress of the characters.

The distinctive feature of the project is, of course, the cube. The same young people who live in the contemporary world today, who play and dream of living a fantastic adventure, move around in this scenario. And as in all stories that are respected, here too there is a bad guy: Herobrine, the “creepypasta Minecraftiana” par excellence. The same creepypasta that accompanied Matteo throughout his journey on YouTube and that contaminated Giulia, who has been drawing since she was a child. Their artistic union was a continuous evolution: storyboards, sketches, plates, colours, final touches, corrections and finally the printed text.