For Solo Exhibition the artwork of Giovanni Lo Castro

New appointment with “Solo Exhibition”: from 6 to 10 May, from 9 to 20, Giovanni Lo Castro will exhibit the project “Birifrangenza” at RUFA Space, in via degli Ausoni 7, in the heart of the San Lorenzo district in Rome.

The installation offers different possibilities to the mind: it allows to view multiple paths, to follow the paths that curve, to trace the refractions of light that strike with accidental and irregular order. At the meantime, fragments of broken glass reflections and water shaken by energy without a source emerge.

In Lo Castro’s artistic action there is no relation with a possible primary gesture of breaking a balance, but a path of wonder opens up within an already fragmented world.
It is a jagged reality where everything is observable and everything becomes an optical filter of light, psyche and neurons. From this point of view, Giovanni Lo Castro’s filter, whether superimposed or involved in the composition, is a melting away in a slime, but without the fear of its lethal density. It is a required order, difficult, but always necessary. It is the need for multiple visions, without starting points. It is a labyrinth without entry or exit.
There, however, where there is no need to think and reach a solution. It’s a dream, free from cages, with the only need to explore the places it has to offer to the mind.