A project dedicated to cinema for the deaf co-produced by RUFA

To contribute to the development of professional identity even after the end of the course of study. It is in this scenario that the Rome University of Fine Arts has concentrated a part of its activities, in order to support the research and artistic productions of its graduates. A modern form of patronage that compares those who work in the art – system and those who are interested in entering it.

On Thursday 23rd May, the documentary by Giulia Zumpano, will be screened at the Istituto statale Sordi in Rome, in via Nomentana 54 at 5pm. The film is co-produced by RUFA and entitled “Dialoghi da dietro le quinte” (Dialogues from behind the scenes). The vision, organized by CINEDEAF, is the first and only Italian experience aimed at enhancing film production as a form of expression of the potential of deaf people. It is a very important documentary, both from a social and a human point of view. The film, which also represents the thesis work of the student supervised by the lecturer Christian Angeli, tells the story of Dario Pasquarella, deaf theatre director and actor, and his company.
Through theatre Dario tries to achieve integration between the community of the deaf and the hearing, using both sign and spoken language.

“When I interviewed Dario for the first time – writes the young director – he told me about the need to “vomit” stories. I was very curious about that verb, but thanks to it I understood that his desire was visceral, as if the stories inside him were pushing to go out and show themselves to the world. I also felt the same visceral need to know the “communicative” dimension of the deaf and to tell the world about it, trying to create a product that would be an example of how we can live and work together”.