C for Caravaggio

The program #OfficineRufa continues with a meeting with Jesus Garcés Lambert, director of the film Caravaggio – L’anima e il sangue (2018). Who was Caravaggio, why did his life become a legend that deeply impressed our imagination? What did the young Merisi feel and think when he painted, and what can his existential and artistic adventure tell us today? The meeting with the director will be followed by the screening of the film. The appointment will be moderated by Fabrizio Pizzuto and Nicolas Martino.

Jesus Garcés Lambert is author of documentaries for Sky, National Geographic, Arté France, BBC, CNS and winner of numerous international awards. Mexican by origin and Italian by adoption, Jesus has directed contemporary projects such as “Dietro l’Altare” – on the paedophilia phenomenon within the Catholic Church – and “Concordia io c’ero”, alongside “Viaggio nel cinema in 3D – una storia vintage”, a surprising excursus at the origins of one of the most popular film trends today. His latest film is “Io, Leonardo” (2019).“Caravaggio – L’anima e il sangue” is the most watched art documentary in the history of Italian cinema, winner of the Golden Globe.

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Meeting with Jesus Garces Lambert
Thursday 16 May 2019
Rufa Space
Pastificio Cerere (via degli Ausoni, 7)
17.30- 20.00 hours

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