Graphic design

A contest to create the 2020 calendar

The vision of art 365 days a year. A goal that, for RUFA students, means generate and design a calendar that can best represent the concept of expressiveness and contemporaneity.

On these bases, the Academy of Fine Arts and Tipografare have signed an agreement aimed at producing a calendar ready to turn into competition. Thanks to the availability of the lecturers Claudia Illuzzi (Graphic design), Claudio Spuri (Computer graphics), Alberto Ruggieri (Illustration), a calendar will be created to achieve four specific objectives: to promote the history and culture of printing; to illustrate the fascination of the art of printing; to inspire new design paths; to experiment with different printing techniques.

The creation of the 2020 calendar becomes a contest aimed at identifying the student or group of students who, with an active internship, will present an ideational and creative path for the entire production of the project. Only RUFA students from the first year of the Graphic Design course held by Professor Claudia Illuzzi will be able to take part in the competition. The works will be presented at the end of the teaching activities, in conjunction with the July exam session.

All the proposals submitted must meet the following requirements: the project must be original; it must not replicate or mention plans already made; the visuals will be created specifically by the candidate with the support of RUFA courses that support the competition.

The evaluation will consider the visual and emotional impact, the coherence of the graphic sign, the clarity and functionality of use, the respect of the communication objectives set. Tipografare will recognize a prize of 500 euros to the winner.