RUFA supports fundraising for the cultural reconstruction of Amatrice

It will be held Saturday, June 22, starting at 3 pm, at the headquarters of the cultural association “Artemusica – Scuola di musica Artidee”, located in Via Andrea del Castagno 196 in Rome, an event entitled “Arte per Amatrice”. The aim is to raise funds to be allocated to the City of Amatrice.

The kermesse is joined and collaborated by the Creative Union, the associations “Culture Senza Confini” and “LegArte”, the comprehensive Institute “Bruno De Finetti” of Fonte Laurentina, and the Municipality of Rome. The ultimate goal is to raise public awareness of the need to rebuild the material and immaterial identity, art and beauty of Amatrice.

The fundraising is destined to a specific project reported by the mayor of Amatrice, who will receive what was collected directly in his hands.
The initiative is for charitable purposes and the entrance is expected to be a free offer. Participants will have access to exhibitions, concerts and buffets organized thanks to the contribution of young creatives from various artistic, plastic, musical and gastronomic disciplines. Also present is the painter Paolo d’Orazio, nephew of the master Piero.

For information and donations: