“Solo Exhibition” Friday, June 14 the project of Giselle Cantonetti

“Yesterday’s memory happens today.” This is the theme of the exhibition curated by Giselle Cantonetti and it is included in the project “Solo Exhibition”: a plan generated by the lecturers of Visual arts RUFA courses to make students experienced with an exhibition path. The experience of Giselle Cantonetti, located at RUFA Space in via degli Ausoni 7, will be inaugurated Friday, June 14 at 17:30.

“Today, tomorrow and in all our days and moments – the curators/students Silvia Bottero and Carlotta De Martino point out – memory follows us. Memory becomes a game for young and old, a moment from the past, what remains under the skin. Remaining in our mind, it induces our gaze backwards, bringing back to life the feelings felt. We are grateful, because it reminds us of being alive. The memory disturbes us, because it repeats that there will be an end. The artistic poetics of Giselle Cantonetti, tells of moments passed and, with care, preserved.

Whether the memories are from childhood, just happened or seemingly trivial moments, the desire to keep them emerges quietly and delicately. However, he does not focus solely on the content, but on the combination of what it entails and what it is. It turns out to be a “being”, through each phase of its manifesting. Memory generates the impact of a feeling, joy or sadness, and their consequent action on the real.

The loss of memory generates a disturbance, without any possibility of being able to relive it, making us neglect tears or smiles it brings with it. The memory of yesterday that happens today is a vain experience of a desired salvation. Walking among matter, beams of light and colors, we become memory, breaking down the boundaries of the contours. Memory fades away where we fade away. Today, or just now.”