Graphic design

Altroritratto: foto e video della mostra.

How can the self-portrait be declined today? What does it mean to represent oneself when the capitalist ideology demands that the body adhere to the socially accepted semblant? In the younger generations the creative approach seems to become orthopedic: from here the abuse of photoshop to erase any sign of experience, the spread of cosplay, the removal of signs of life, of particular uniqueness.

From these themes on which the students of grapich design have worked, the exhibition Altroritratto was born with the talk by Peppe Allegri, Ilaria Bussoni, Nicolas Martino, Alex Pagliardini, Enrico Parisio, Raffaella Perna. Here are all the images that tell the story.

Altroritratto - La Mostra