Participation in the Premio Luzzati expires in september

The Premio Emanuele (Lele) Luzzati is organized by the Italian Jewish Center “G. e V. Pitigliani”, in collaboration with the Museo Luzzati at Porta Siberia in Genoa. It is aimed at those who have created an audiovisual work for young people, adhering to the theme “for an education in values, identifying models consistent and positive”.

Participation, free of charge, is reserved for young people up to 35 years of age. It is possible to register any audiovisual work with a maximum duration of 30 minutes. Works in digital format are admitted to the competition.

The possibility of registration has been extended until Friday, September 13, 2019 and provides for the sending of the following material: registration form, copy of the regulations dated and signed, for acknowledgment, file or copy of the work, synopsis in Italian and English in .doc/.txt format (max 800 characters), a biography of the director, in Italian and English in .doc/.txt format (max 600 characters). For selection, the file must be sent in open format at:

The jury, qualified and expert, will award the prize for merit with unquestionable judgement and the selected works will be rightly screened during the “Pitigliani Kolno’a Festival” in November.

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