Multimedia Arts and Design

RUFA protagonist at Roma Europa Festival

The collaboration between RUFA and the Rome Europa Festival has always offered high profile artistic ideas over the years, based on the various segments included in the festival. In view of the next edition of the event, which between September and November will involve different places in the Capital, the interest of the students of the Academy of Fine Arts legally recognized by the Miur, is maximum. Among the works that will be presented in the event is the project De_Migration, scheduled between 4 and 6 October in the Aquarium space of Mattatoio. The installation, innovative in language and in its becoming, was originated within the course of Multimedia arts and design coordinated by Caterina Tomeo, and the Digitalive section of the REF curated by Federica Patti.

The expansion of the industrial world and capitalism have determined devastating and irreversible consequences on the natural flows that regulate the biological world. The audio-visual installation De_Migration aims to focus on the overwhelming impact that urban development has not only on flora, but especially on fauna. The immersive environment is generated by data describing the different migratory flows of animals conditioned by human expansion, inviting the user to reformulate a critical thought about postmodernism and industrial civilization. A visual and sonorous interpretation of a scenario of overbearing occupation that generates a request for attention and subsequent reflection.

RUFA students Laura Arcangeli, Carmine De Vita, Edoardo Filippone, Daniela Gentile, Filippo Gualazzi, Yunfeng Liu, Bogdan Melinte, Emanuela Mottola, Giorgia Pelagalli, Antonio Reda, Michal Zemel, with the supervision of the lecturers Giulio Pernice, Bruno Capezzoli, developed the complex structure.

The aim of this experience, as well as of the entire course in Multimedia arts and design, is to enhance the latest generational trends linked to new languages, training professional figures who respond to the new artistic and cultural context, transmitting specific knowledge and technical skills ranging from the design of multimedia spaces to exhibition design, from audiovisual performance to interactive installations, from virtual reality to sound design.