Painting and visual arts

The routes of the Mediterranean

The routes of the Mediterranean
A work that involves the whole of the Mediterranean, a symbolic place of a historical period that in recent years has marked the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and has sparked strong discussions both nationally and internationally, involving and overwhelming the already precarious and complex European political situation.

Mediterranean routes, or resistance routes. White chambers of air cut the boundary between the sea and the sky, resting a few metres from the shore or on the beach, not to repel but to welcome. A barrier for not surrendering, for remaining human and continuing to live. Aware that art and poetry can have a social and political role when they move, as in this case, the perception of what we are used to seeing. This is Francesco D’Incecco’s project for the Mediterranean: to give life to a work to use and not only to look at, to live collectively, every time we climb on it to play, to talk, to rest or to sunbathe. To make our sea a great community from which to re-establish relationships and make a world. And that is precisely what beauty consists of today, in making community and collectively building a work of resistance to decadence and corruption. A community, it should be pointed out, of those without a community, that is, an aesthetic community.

From 10 to 15 September 2019
Environment #1 MACRO ASILO
via Nizza, 138 – 00198 Roma

Tuesday 10 – 6 pm
Presentation of the project
“The resistance of the work” with Francesco D’Incecco and Nicolas Martino
Wednesday 11 – 6 pm
Talk “Mediterranean Europe”: starting from the work of D’Incecco, a discussion about the migrant issue and the political possibilities of defining a different Europe, Mediterranean, common and supportive.
Speakers with the artist: Giso Amendola, Ilaria Bussoni, Giovanna Ferrara, Stefano Liberti, Nicolas Martino
Thursday 12 – 5 p.m.
Projections and debate with the representatives of Mediterranea Saving Humans on the themes of humanitarian emergency in the Mediterranean
Saturday 14 – 18 o’clock
Screening of the docufilm “Still Recording” by Saeed Al Batal and Ghiath Ayoub
Following debate with Saeed Al Batal
Sunday 15 – 18 o’clock
Performance “Fillide” with Nicoletta Ciotti
Dramaturgy by Marcello Gallucci, directed by Mario Barzaghi