RUFA, here is the exhibition Uroboros of the students of the Master course of Multimedia arts and design – Virtual reality

Surprise and reflect. The students of the Master course in Multimedia arts and design are ready to perfectly interpret both elements in the context of the exhibition “Uroboros. Torna diverso”, scheduled from 24th September in the frame of the RUFA Space, in via degli Ausoni 7, in the iconic district of San Lorenzo.

The project is the result of an experience lived in Rome for 12 kilometres, from South to North. The neighborhoods crossed contain some of the historical and artistic features of the capital, preserved in the landscape and cultural heritage present. The route begins in the historic Garbatella district, and then develops in more industrial areas such as Ostiense, in the greenery of San Saba, among the archaeological memories of Monti, in the multi-ethnicity of the Esquiline, without forgetting the lively San Lorenzo, the mystical Coppedè and ending in the refined Trieste-Salario district.

The objective of the experience is to revive all these places from different perspectives, with sensations that generate new perceptions, for a conscious and participatory experience of the space lived. As for Italo Calvino “walking presupposes that at every step the world changes in some of its aspects and also that something changes in us”, so in passing through the neighborhoods, the user can let himself be traversed by his own suggestions.

The exhibition bases its communicative effectiveness on five multimedia installations created by Laura Arcangeli, Daniela Gentile, Filippo Gualazzi, Yunfeng Liu and Emanuela Mottola. The title “Uroboros” takes its name from the representation of the snake biting its tail, a symbol of regeneration that, within the theme of the exhibition, represents the cyclicality of the experiences lived during the course of life.