Graphic design

RUFA is cultural partner of Wave Market

After its participation at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, RUFA Design School continues to show all its creativity. RUFA, in fact, is cultural partner of the project “Wave Market Fair” that will take place in the capital on October 5 and 6 at the PratiBus District, in viale Angelico 52.

Wave Market is the first exhibition of craftsmanship and design in Rome. Each edition promotes and enhances companies, brands and young designers, triggering a network of collaborations between different realities related to the world of innovation. The aim is to enhance the handmade not only enhancing the production techniques and materials, but also the path that starts from the raw material to get to the creation.

Wave Market – highlights the director RUFA, arch. Fabio Mongelliis a forge of experiences; it is the voice of creative, young talents, courageous and innovative realities. In this context, the signed partnership embodies art in the most revolutionary sense of the term, between tradition and sustainable innovation, facilitating the generation of market and profession-oriented conceptual inputs”.

The projects that will be exhibited at RUFA stand of the PratiBus District synthesize the different souls of the various RUFA courses and have been realized with the help of the lecturers of Design Floriana Cannatelli, Paolo Parea, Ely Rozenberg, Giorgio Marcatili and Felice Patacca. The curatorship is entrusted to the lecturer and artist Simone Cametti. But that’s not all: the works of the “Altroritratto” project created by the students of RUFA course in Graphic Design by Enrico Parisio will also be on display.

The Altroritratto experience is based on a reflection by Fredric Jameson: postmodernism is the period in which we have passed from the alienated to the fragmented subject, we have seen the collapse of the depth of the modern unconscious that has determined much of Western culture. On the basis of this presupposition, how can the self-portrait be declined today? What does it mean to represent oneself when the capitalist ideology demands that the body adhere to the socially accepted semblant? Hence the abuse of photoshop to erase any sign of experience, the spread of cosplay, the removal of signs of life, of particular uniqueness. The visuals of Altroritratto were created by: Riccardo Abate, Arianna Abita, Maria Ahmed, Eugenia Arena, Valentina Argento, Claudia Auricchio, Giorgio Avano, Michela Capaldo, Matteo Casasole, Nicolò Chioccia, Luigi Cirelli, Lavinia Cotelessa, Fabrizio Crollari, Elisa De Giovanni, Clemente Del Gracco, Luca Esposito, Marcello Francesco Famigliulo, Camilla Fiorillo, Matilde Francia, Sofia Giacinti, Cristina Giacomelli, Martina Giuliani, Jeyanthan Jeyaseelan, Raffaele Daniele Leone, Simone Liberati, Davide Luccini, Marco Luzzi, Emmanuel Lagrisola, Artem Maltsev, Sofia Martini, Lidia Matarazzo, Valerio Mecozzi, Fabio Meriano, Francesco Mezzetti, Cecilia Minasi, Estefano Bernardo Molina, Eleonora Mossi, Matteo Bignardelli, Manuel Oliviero,Valerio Ottoni, Adriana Pagano,Valerio Patricolo, Arianna Petricca, Rebecca Piloni, Katherine Pizarro Garcia, Marco Politi, Anna Carolina Rainho, Osvaldo Rainone, Daniele Ramazzotti, Addis Rossi, Davide Rotunno, Alba Chiara Savino, Tommaso Savorani, Gennaro Scalia Tomba, Ginevra Sequi, Marta Serafini, Benito Eolo Sottile, Eleonora Starace, Maria Francesca Talladira, Noemi Zangrilli.

These are the design works on display, created in RUFA laboratories, also thanks to significant partnerships with leading companies in the sector: Iwi – Metal armchair by Simone Soricelli; Chacked Chair – Wooden armchair by Ruggero Vidotto; Swing Chair – Wooden chair by Lorenzo Gordini; Nightflayer Skate – Skateboard table by Riccardo Ruggeri; Olè – Ceramic plates service by Beatrice Di Biagio and Natalia Koreneva; Tesla – Table lamp by Giacomo Branca; Fold – Applique by Viviana Mannino.

Olè – Ceramic plates service
Decorated ceramics
Flat plate ø25 cm, dark plate ø25 cm, flat plate ø18 cm
Rometti Prize 2016 – 2nd place
Beatrice Di Biagio, Natalia Koreneva
Rometti’s aesthetic sense is able to combine a sparkling tendency to innovation with a simplicity that is unparalleled. Each plate is composed of a circular compartment, around which a flat ellipsoidal frame develops. The asymmetry generated by the ellipse allows to have in the superimposition a multiplicity of variables that refer to the idea of a vase of colorful flowers.

Tesla – Table lamp
Steel, CCFL
cm 34x25x42
Giacomo Branca
The lamp is the result of a collaboration between the company Antrox, which produces cold cathode fluorescent lighting systems, and the course of Light design. The cold cathode dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, but despite its venerable age it is still irreplaceable, even compared to more contemporary technologies. The project interprets this technology and applies it to a design that enhances it.

Fold – Wall lamp
Paper, LED
cm 50×70
Viviana Mannino
The aim of the project is to recreate the atmosphere of the origami by giving back the idea of the genre “Miura Ori”. The product is then fitted with custom-made LED lights. The union between the two materials takes place through the method of prototyping that simulates printed circuit boards. The carrier used is an organic or synthetic paper that is transformed into a lamp, returning the folds of the origami.

Iwi – Metal armchair
Round metal
cm 58x60x78
Simone Soricelli
The project dialogues with the icon of the monoblock plastic chair, recalculating its essential lines as in the “wireframe” of the visualizations of the CAD programs, and inserts them in a functional structure, replacing plastic with iron rounds. The project was developed in the module “Deformare una sedia”, of the course “Metodologia della progettazione” of the first year.

Chacked Chair – Wooden armchair
Laminated beech milled with CNC
cm 62x63x84
Ruggero Vidotto
It is a CNC milled beech lamellar armchair, joined by beech pins and glue. The result is a seat that plays on the shape of the square and its intrinsic geometries, showing itself with simplicity, in search of pure aesthetics. The aim is to involve the senses, but on a rational level. Beauty and functionality are thus found in unison in the objective of the project.

Nightflayer Skate – Skateboarding table
Paulownia wood, bamboo, carbon fiber, glass fabric, epoxy resin
cm 90x24x1
Riccardo Ruggeri
The Nightflayer board has been designed following the standard steps for creating any skateboard, but with lighter and stronger materials. Ready to challenge the roads and slopes. Graphics milled directly onto the wooden core, combined with the addition of foam, make the final product lighter and more resistant to cutting and twisting.

Swing chair
Birch plywood, CNC milled, stained, chains
3mm Steel – Multilayer beech-wood, milled with CNC, stained wood, steel chains 3mm
69 x 59 x 76 cm
Lorenzo Gordini
Swing chair is a modern interpretation of the rustic chairs of the past. The peculiarity of the concept is given by the seat, typically used as a structural part in the chairs of this segment that becomes instead an object in itself, suspended by steel cables, further emphasizing the opposition between old and new, in a chair that breaks away from the classical schemes.

The entire installation is completed with the installations by Amedeo Longo and Francesca Cornacchini. The first is formed by thirty sections of maple trunk cut horizontally, suspended by steel cables attached to a structure of the same material. Each section of the trunk has a ring highlighted by a series of nails used as flags. The aim of the project is to delimit time in space.
The second one is entitled “LONE ORANGE: the deviance of Mars”: you can observe Mars go back on its orbit and then resume the correct course, this phenomenon is called apparent retrograde motion. Mars was photographed precisely during the period of deviance that occurs once every two years.

RUFA stand within Wave Market is to be understood as a laboratory projected towards the future, aimed at excellence and aimed at enhancing the contemporary trend of the students of the Academy.

All RUFA students will be able to participate free of charge in the festival, subject to accreditation on the wave market site, and offer their candidacy as volunteers by writing directly to the organizers of the Wave Market Fair.