Photography and Audiovisual

RUFA is a partner of TEDxRoma, collaboration with training objective

A partnership focused on collaboration. RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts is ready to support the activities of TEDxRoma in order to allow students, in this case those attending the Bachelor course of Cinema and Photography, to get in touch with one of the most innovative global realities of recent years. TED is a non-profit organization whose goal is to share “ideas that deserve to be spread”. Founded in 1984 as a four-day conference, over the years TED has grown through the promotion of numerous initiatives. As part of the annual conference, stimulating and influential personalities are invited to share their ideas. The speeches are then made available to all, free of charge, on the website TED.

In perfect harmony with the topics discussed and with its operational vision, aimed at greater internationalization that can allow its students to compete in the best possible way in the professional market, RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts has started a collaboration with TEDxRoma. It is an independent TEDx event that takes place every year in the capital and that brings with it an audience of over 1800 people and about 3 million views of their talks visible on the YouTube channel of TEDx. Made entirely by a team of volunteers, led by the curator Emilia Garito, TEDxRoma welcomes over 120 speakers from around the world. Many characters took turns on stage to tell their stories: Vinton Cerf, inventor of the Internet, Sir David Payne, creator of the optical fiber, Yadin Kauffmann, venture capitalist experimenter of mixed start-up projects in Palestine and Israel, Philip Zimbardo, distinguished psychologist, William Kentridge, world famous artist, Peter Lunenefeld, figure of international importance in the field of digital aesthetic theory, David Nimmer, the father of copyright.

In order to celebrate the first ten years of the international TEDx community, TED chose Rome to celebrate this important milestone. The “celebration” will take place during the TEDxWeekendRome: from 4 to 6 October, TEDx organizers and volunteers from around the world will gather to define the challenges for the next decade. Three days of meetings, workshops and guided tours that will have the city of Rome as the main protagonist.

“RUFA – explains the director of the Academy arch. Fabio Mongelli – will follow the evolution of the three days of confrontation, allowing its students to capture the essence of this project. The result of this work, carried out in the contemporary style following the traces of the languages of communication and media, will be the subject of an audiovisual contribution during the closing plenary session. The material created by the students themselves will then be published on the official TEDx website, thus allowing the students to add an important piece in the construction of the mosaic that composes their curriculum vitae”.