In Ostia the exhibition entitled “Cabine d’Artista – Abbi Cura”

Among the protagonists of the collective “Cabine d’Artista – Abbi Cura” that will be held in Ostia Lido on the seafront Amerigo Vespucci, at the Sporting Beach Art next October 20, there is also the student RUFA Sara Zanin.

“Cabine d’Artista – Abbi Cura” is an exhibition of “site-specific” and partly “situation-specific” installations that aims to open a discussion on the artistic condition of Rome and Lazio. It is a real overview that compares several generations: faces known, emerging, but also semi-emerging. The different media are represented: painting, sculpture, video and more that become weapons that will be used to rethink the cabins of the beach and transform them into an exhibition space.

“The pre-existence of the environment of the cabins – explains RUFA lecturer Fabrizio Pizzuto, who has created the texts in the catalogue together with Stefano Verri – transforms every work into a site specific game force, the context is certainly not a white cube and often the works are designed or rethought specifically for the location. An extra step of thought, an arrangement, a placement, which is always necessary. Each artist will have to transform or elaborate his thought in function of the cabins, places where you don’t entertain yourself, you change your clothes, you wash in the showers, places lived in the carefree and fleeting context of the summer rest”.

In the evocative setting of Ostia Lido, which transforms everything into a sort of colourful romantic festivity, a walk through the works of art will have the flavour of discovery and curiosity. The known environmental problems of the erosion of the beaches are a background, often faced by some of the artists invited, which appears, peeps out, between the lines of the aesthetic reasoning of the works.

Sara Zanin’s work, entitled “Come Maiali” (Like Pigs) is a monotype on zinc composed of three elements of 35×50 cm each. The distortion, a disproportion proportionate to the state of mind, where the body accuses the blow by rejecting the patterns of vision. Eroticism, the only point unattainable by technology, the only salvation?

Participating artists
Andrea Aquilanti, Paolo Assenza, Cinzia Beccaceci, Anna Bodini, Alessandra F. Borzacchini, Oreste Casalini, Carlo Cecchi, Giovanni Cimatti, Cinzia Cingolani, Maria D’alessandro, Iginio De Luca, Mauro Di Silvestre, Davide Dormino, Stefania Fabrizi, Evandro Gabrieli, Leonardo Gensini, Claudio Givani, Francesca Guidieri, Felice Levini, Rita Mandolini, Mapi, Marie Mathiesen, Anna A. Mileto, Matteo Naggi, Gianfranco Notargiacomo, Luca Padroni, Marina Paris, Luana Perilli, Katia Pugach, Nicola Rotiroti, Massimo Saverio Ruiu, Gino Sabatini Odoardi, Maurizio Savini, Gaia Scaramella, Donatella Spaziani, Alberto Timossi, Claudio Vagnoni, Riikka Vainio, Edoardo Zamponi, Sara Zanin, Alfredo Zelli, Fernando Zucchi. Catalouge: edit by SBA – Sporting Beach Arte. Graphic project by Anna Bodini.