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The Italian Embassy in Mexico and RUFA, together for art

A collaboration that will get stronger in the coming years and that will allow RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts‘ lecturers and students to stand out in the development of contemporary art, especially abroad. Ambassador Luigi De Chiara has been appointed to lead the Italian Embassy in Mexico City. Mexico is Italy’s second largest trading partner on the American continent and currently ranks eleventh among the world’s economic powers. With over 20 museums of contemporary art, Mexico City is able to mix today a hyperbolic modernity with the rich pre-Hispanic popular culture of rituals, mystical traditions, a Mayan archetypes iconography, as well as with the mythical revolutionary tradition of muralism.

De Chiara particularly focused on the activities that the Academy daily carries out and in order to add value also to the “made in Italy” art invited the entire RUFA community to make even more attractive the representative offices in Mexico City hosting innovative and forward-looking’ works of young Italian artists. Each work on display will report the author’s signature, thus allowing a direct and in-depth knowledge of the artist in a land that is very sensitive to the expressions of creativity. A total of 33 projects were presented. This result has allowed to give form and substance to a detailed and careful selection that, thanks to the curatorship of RUFA lecturers Genny Di Bert and Nicolas Martino and De Chiara’s consort, Idoia Uribarri, has allowed to identify 9 different works that will transform the Embassy and the Italian Residence in Mexico in a real museum. This is also thanks to the guidelines introduced by the ambassador himself, who wanted to reward the talent of the new generations, those who will make Italian art increasingly appreciated.

The works selected represent the different expressions of the artistic research that RUFA proposes in its courses: Fabrizio Dell’Arno (oil on canvas), Michele Palazzi (photographic installation), Mariagrazia Pellegrini (sculpture in statuary marble), Silvia Rosa (oil on canvas), Nicola Russo (photographic project) Amparo Lavezzo (photographic project), Laura Capriglia (oil on canvas connected to QR Code), Valerio Vesci (photographic project), Wang Yuxiang (installation).

“The realization of this initiative – explains the RUFA director arch. Fabio Mongelli – is perfectly in line with two different needs: the drive towards internationalisation that the Academy has been pursuing with conviction  is also realised from the point of view of research and the beneficial effect, especially when compared to talent, that public-private cooperation can generate, is manifested in a very significant way. The Italian branches in Mexico are not only frequented by the diplomatic corps, but welcome representatives of different sectors and entrepreneurs of large companies who can admire artistic contributions of great value.

Ambasciata italiana in Messico