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RUFA and Scomodo: together, between art, publishing and writing

The collaboration between RUFA and Scomodo, the monthly independent information magazine, free and completely self-financed, comes to life. It is printed every month in 7500 copies and distributed in over 120 schools, universities and places of sociality.

From this morning Scomodo is working on the preparation of the event “(Re)Generation Scomodo” to be held on 5 and 6 November at the Macro Asylum and our photographers are documenting all activities.

RUFA students responded to the call for artist Scomodo with great enthusiasm and the work of our student of the course of Photography, Rachele Alessandrelli, has been selected along with 10 works by young artists that will be exhibited in the museum and can be purchased by the public. The entire proceeds will be used to finance the project.

In these two days the appointments will follow each other in a rapid rhythm. At 4 p.m. on Tuesday 5 November, in the Sala Lettura, the editorial plenary will meet: an appointment open to subscribers, readers and those who want to participate in the discussion of the issues that will shape the Scomodo November number. Also on Tuesday, November 5, at 6 p.m. in the Sala Lettura, Matteo Boetti from Galleria Bibo’s Place, Flavio Orlando, a young Roman artist, and RUFA Sculpture lecturer Davide Dormino will discuss the theme “Being an artist, instructions for use”. Starting from the provocation of the title, professionals in the art world will think about what it takes to be an artist today.

“A partisan view of the world in twenty-five years time” is the session that Scomodo dedicates to the future. Wednesday, November 6 at 16 in the Room of Words, we will talk about the scenarios and opportunities that will affect the man, from now to 2045. At 6 p.m., but in the Auditorium, the topic of discussion is “Art makes space”, a reflection on the relationship between space and art. Speakers: Giorgio de Finis, MAAM director, Dionigi Mattia Gagliardi of Numero Cromatico and Enrico Parisio, RUFA lecturer in the Graphic Design course.

Then there is the music: at 8 pm House/Funk selection by Frida K; at 9 pm RBSN live solo, at 11 pm House/Funk selection by Frida K.