The exhibition of Antonella Romano at Tordinona Theatre

RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts has joined as a roman partner the World Day against Violence on Women. The voice calling for a stop to the social emergency of feminicides is getting louder. Many appointments have been renewed in various Italian cities connected to the Wall of Dolls, the artistic installation created by the singer Jo Squillo in Milan five years ago and which has become a symbol against feminicides and gender violence.

On this occasion, together with the other artistic activities carried out by RUFA, the student Antonella Romano will present the exhibition “Toys” inside the Tordinona Theatre. The location, of course, is not casual: next to the entrance of the theater, in Via degli Acquasparta, is located the “Wall of Dolls”. The installation, inaugurated in 2017, takes up an ancient Indian tradition: every time a woman suffers violence a doll is affixed to the wall, thus giving form and substance to a reflection on the devastating effects of feminicide.

Antonella Romano will present three different works: “Nudo sdraiato” oil on canvas, “Due figure” oil and oil pastels on canvas, “Toys” oil and oil pastels on canvas, thus representing a training path certainly multifaceted and diversified. After graduating in international relations and law and economics, the young painter attended Alberto Parres’ atelier and continued her study of visual arts at RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts, with particular attention to the figurative arts. Her work is marked by a strong interest in social studies and focuses, in particular, on the relationship between the individual and the context and on the development of society around the subject. The interest, from this point of view, is placed on the definition of identity, of how it is influenced by the social, political and economic context.

In this progress, the presence in the context of such a significant anniversary for the female universe for humanity in general is of great importance. The exhibition will be open from 18 to 25 November from 18.00 to close the show, free admission.