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RUFA joins World Day against Violence on Women

RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts has joined as a roman partner the World Day against Violence on Women. The voice calling for a stop to the social emergency of feminicides is getting louder. Many appointments have been renewed in various Italian cities connected to the Wall of Dolls, the artistic installation created by the singer Jo Squillo in Milan five years ago and which has become a symbol against feminicides and gender violence.

This year the events were organized in collaboration with the ANDI Onlus Foundation, which represents the social activities of the Associazione Nazionale Dentisti Italiani, which has long been close to the female universe, dealing with projects aimed at safeguarding and preventing in all possible forms, such as the “Sentinel Dentist”, an initiative of training and information of dentists against gender-based violence and violence against children, aimed at encouraging, both the recognition of the violence suffered, and the request for help.

The appointment is set for Sunday, November 24 at 11:30 am, at the Teatro di Tordinona, via degli Acqua Sparta 16 in Rome. Deus ex Machina of the event Michele Baldi, engaged in a campaign that sees him involved in the dual role of father and man and that has led him to promote the rights of women at different times over the years, giving rise to the Wall of Dolls in Rome. The initiative will be attended by ANDI National President Carlo Ghirlanda, theatre director Renato Giordano and RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts students. Claudia Gerini, one of the most beloved actresses by the public and who received from the Head of State, Sergio Mattarella, the High Award of Officer of the Italian Republic for her work merits and for her commitment to social work, will be the patroness of the event. Beppe Convertini, actor and TV presenter, who is now at the helm of Linea Verde on RAI1, will lead the event. He has always been involved in the social field with his humanitarian missions in Syria and Burma.

Right next to the entrance of the Theatre, known as the Theatre of Pirandello, since 2017, has been located the Wall of Dolls of Rome, housed on the wall of the building ATER, for which this year RUFA has introduced a novelty: an artistic-cognitive journey that interweaves the so delicate and actual theme with art. Some dolls, like small works full of meaning and expression, will be handmade by the students of Visual Arts Debora Barile, Chiara Bonanni, Laura Capriglia, Giselle Cantonetti, Valeria Caceres, Lorenzo Cappella, Claudia Cermentini, Isabella Copa, Miriana D’Alessandro, Sabrina D’Ambrino, Giulia Di Pasquale, Elisabetta Eufemia, Sergio Gagliardo, Alessio Giffi, Federica Griesi, Beatrice Levorato, Alessandro Martina, Ginevra Miccadei, Chiara Nobili, Maria Grazia Pellegrini, Francesco Politano, Giulia Gaia Rossi, Alessia Saliu, Sofia Sotto Corona, Stefano Tenti, under the supervision of RUFA lecturer Emiliano Coletta. On the day before the event, the same dolls will be added to those already on the wall.

A characteristic element will be art, in its various forms. On Sunday morning there will also be a performance, entitled “Sorry/Thank you”, which will see an action of about twenty minutes curated by students of RUFA Visual Arts course Silvia Bottero and Amedeo Longo. The aim is to raise public awareness on the theme of pain and care, sharing and mutual sharing. Men and women who take care of each other.

In the foyer of the Theatre, from 18 to 25 November will take place the exhibition “Toys” consisting of three paintings made by the student RUFA Antonella Romano. The exhibition focuses on the theme of childhood as a place of nonspeech and silent experience. Silence is precisely the theme that unites the area of violence suffered. Also inside the Theatre, in the same period, will be exhibited the photographs of the collection “Women” by Barbara Fiorenzola: the author, through his shots, tries to give voice to those who do not have voice. Both exhibitions, like the entire event, confirm the imprint in support of those who try to get out of the spiral of violence suffered. The aim is to make the public aware of the theme of pain, care and mutual sharing.

In drawing up its artistic programme, RUFA wanted to demonstrate how an Academy should not only be concerned with training, focusing on the profession and career, but is also a place for sharing values that it should prepare for life.

Participation in the event and exhibitions is free.