Computer Animation and Visual Effects


RUFA, the Masterclass in Computer animation and visual effects starts

The Masterclasses of the course of Computer animation and visual effects started on November 18th. It is a series of meetings that put RUFA students in front of the top experts in this field. A calendar, which will run until next May and which testifies to the performance of the creativity generated and produced in Italy. The protagonists of these in-depth lessons come almost all from Italy, even if they work abroad, and this is an opportunity to return to Italy and combine very different skills for the training of professionals of the future. From a formative point of view, what is in front of the students’ eyes is an opportunity that is the result of excellence: RUFA, from this point of view, has given form and substance to a program that allows to interface with artists and technicians known and appreciated all over the world who act in the most prestigious global realities.

The designers of digital animation and visual effects work in fields that are very different from each other and not necessarily convergent: cinema, television, audiovisual and web productions. From the fusion of practice and theory, everything is transformed into movement, action and narration. The human, digital and mechanical resources that are used are constantly updated: hence the need to get involved, to relate with the outside world, to act in synergy with those professionals who are able to get the most out of the material available to them.

Writer, producer, light designer, but not only: the 6 Masterclasses will be held by Giovanna Lo Palco, Scott Albert, Giovanni Braggio, Romolo Cozzi, Lorenzo Veracini and Nambiar Nandini, ready to describe all the scenarios of this profession that looks to the future.