Photography and Audiovisual

AIDS IS NOT DEAD – Photos and video

A participation that shows how interest in social issues is at the heart of the thoughts and actions of the new generations. Many students took part in the event “Aids is not dead” which took place at RUFA Pastificio Cerere, in the heart of the San Lorenzo district. On 1 December, in fact, the “WORLD AIDS DAY” was celebrated, the World Day against AIDS conceived in 1987 by UNAIDS, the United Nations Programme that every year produces and publishes an in-depth snapshot of the reality on the theme of the spread of the HIV virus on a global scale. On the basis of these assumptions ContestaRockHair and RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts, in collaboration with LILA – Lega Italiana per la lotta contro l’AIDS, have activated a synergy for the launch of a photographic campaign to raise awareness on the use of condoms: “the condom is a medical device – and it is precisely in this sense that it should be considered – essential to protect sex and love from HIV and all sexually transmitted diseases and that, for this reason, makes us freer” stressed by LILA President Massimo Oldrini.

The young people who took part in the event were not only able to show the dynamism and creative energy that characterizes their time, but they were also able to perceive how much the AIDS phenomenon is still present in everyday life even if, fortunately, we are beginning to register a reversal of the trend: in 2018 there were 2,847 reports, equal to 4.7 new cases per 100,000 residents (source: Centro Operativo AIDS). For the first time the psychological wall of the 3,000 cases has been broken down, but the UN plan that set 2030 to defeat AIDS still seems far off. We therefore need the commitment of everyone, first of all those who work in the cultural sector: correct learning is the first step towards making a difference.

The one generated by RUFA and ContestaRockhair, which since 2003 has been active in the field of prevention, was an artistic journey in front of the lens: the boys and girls who took part in the happening took part in the photographic call “Mettici La Faccia”. The portraits were published on social media, accompanied by the hashtag #AIDSISNOTDEAD, with the intention of spreading the invitation to prevention on the web.

The event was animated by the live performances of Flowing Chords, Jammit ft. Tahnee Rodriguez & ILovePizza and the dj sets of Ricardo Baez (Tropical Animals), Pablo (Yellow Bar) and Andrea (Tonika), and the cooking show of Zia Rosetta and supported by Yellow Square and PageService.

Experience has shown how smiles, joy and sharing can be elements capable of inducing reflection, becoming aware of what happens in a parallel reality, that of illness, which exists and which needs above all aggregation to be contained.

Photography course students coordinated by the lecturer Michele Palazzi: Irene Di Salvo, Antonio Cornacchia, Francesca Pacelli
Nicola Russo, Fabiana Scattarreggia, Andrea Santini, Giuliana Guzzi, Davide Magdalone, Camilla Gesuà Sive Salvadori, Cristina de Rosa, Francesca Videtta, Cristina Cannistraci, Leonardo di Giacobbe, Sandro Circi, Daniele Cimaglia, Asia Pierotti, Valerio Vesci
Chiara Rossi.