Multimedia Arts and Design

RUFA multimedia performances move to Rocca Sinibalda

Visual music returns to the castle of Rocca Sinibalda with the festival “Eye in the Mind #2”. Saturday, December 7, starting at 18, the medieval village in the province of Rieti and its castle will be the setting for a selection of music and projection mapping (projection on buildings and structures), with works by Italian and international artists.

The visual artist from Montreal Ionsea (who will return to Rocca Sinibalda for the second year), the composer Massimiliano Frateschi and a team of international artists from RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts, will take turns at the consoles to create an immersive show of sounds and images destined to leave their mark.

Visual music was born in Italy in 1911 with the experiments of the futurists Bruno Corra and Arnaldo Ginna, and in Germany within the absolute cinema movement of 1920, with the films of Viking Eggeling, Walther Ruttmann and Oskar Fischinger. The scholar William Moritz William has defined this artistic form as “a music for the eyes comparable to the effects of sound for the ear”.

“On the occasion of the festival – explains lecturer RUFA in Multimedia arts and design, Caterina Tomeo – a video of generative art was made, based on an original sound track. Starting from listening to the sound, six key words have been identified: the result is an audiovisual composition, a digital image that represents the personal listening of each artist. The project is therefore divided into six parts, thus giving the possibility to express one’s own aesthetic vision. The aim is to involve users in an immersive environment, using a triple projection on three walls of the castle, which represent the vision of a particular research. In this way, the user is obliged to think about his own perception of the nature of the phenomena and of any kind they belong to”.

Admission is free, but reservation is required on Eventbrite.