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StreeT-shirt experience – Photos and video

The opening of the StreeT-shirt Experience exhibition, which took place on 6 December at the RUFA Space, was a great success. The initiative was presented by the organizers and the author, but also a talk with Solo who told his art by showing his activity around the walls of the world.

The heartfelt participation of RUFA students confirms the interest in contemporary artistic and social dynamics. The students had the opportunity to admire the artist’s work and also to satisfy their curiosity asking some questions about it.

The exhibition was born from an idea of Claudio Spuri, RUFA professor of Graphic design, and Viviana Boccardi, after the artist Solo created the first Miteeca T-Wall in October 2015. A wall covered with 31 white t-shirts, a passionate kiss between Diabolik and Eva Kant, an artist struggling with an unusual surface and, finally, an event dedicated to the world of t-shirts. An interdisciplinary experience between street art and clothing.

At RUFA Space, until December 12, the 31 T-shirts that made up the original 8 square meters of the T-Wall are exhibited. With them are shown the images of that event and, in particular, the videos of the installation and the entire performance of Solo.

StreeT-shirt Experience