Photography and Audiovisual

RUFA and Contrasto, photography masterclass with Valeria Scrilatti

Bring the knowledge learned during the lessons to the practical and operational level. It is in this context that the masterclasses by the Contrasto agency are focused. These are in-depth lessons that put the students of the third year of the course of Photography in front of those who are experts in this field, both from the creative point of view and from the technical one. Not to mention the great photographers of the international art scene.

The masterclass scheduled for December 16, 2019 is held by Valeria Scrilatti. She was born in Pesaro in 1985. Her first works investigated the spectacularization of the wild in zoological gardens and the transformation of the former hamlets of Roma Est. In Tunisia she told about minorities excluded from the democratic process and racial discrimination; in Georgia about the cultural revolution carried out by young people of the first post-Soviet generation; in Italy about the hospitality of migrants through multidimensional integration processes. The “Innovation in Development Reporting Grants Programme” award allowed her to tell the story of the problem of maternal and child mortality in sub-Saharan Africa. She currently resides in Rome and has been represented by the Contrasto agency since 2016.

The experience of the Contrasto masterclasses is aimed at offering fundamental suggestions and reflections to the process of production and presentation of a photographic project. A programmatic vision that RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts and Contrasto have structured into a didactic plan with meetings to be held throughout the academic year.