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RUFA, talk e workshop on monotype

Double appointment on Tuesday 21 January, starting at 11.30 am, in the art graphics room of RUFA Pastificio Cerere, in Via degli Ausoni 7 in Rome, in the heart of the San Lorenzo district. Giuseppe Prezioso, marketing director of Cartiere di Fabriano, will hold a talk on paper processing procedures, while Professor Guido D’Angelo will present Colart’s Charbonnel inks. A marriage to restore the most authentic artistic sense: that of the encounter of a sheet of paper and a trace, to be then declined in various forms and potential.

Immediately afterwards there will be a monotype workshop on Rosaspina and Tiepolo Fabriano papers, with the help of Charbonnel inks. Rosaspina is a machine made cardboard in round and is suitable for all techniques of art printing (engraving, lithography, silkscreen printing), while Tiepolo is made with 100% cotton, is also machine made in round and the edges are all intact. The inks that lend themselves well to the use of such special papers have a high pigment content and, even after dilution with a transparent varnish, retain an excellent covering capacity. Charbonnel and Fabriano are two reference points in graphics and art printing. The talk, as well as the workshop, are curated by the lecturer Mariapina Bentivenga.