Photography and Audiovisual

RAI Cinema and RUFA, a synergy on storytelling and transmediality is starting up

RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts and Rai Cinema have started a collaboration with the students of the Academy, with the aim of exploring new forms of storytelling on different communication channels.

On January 30 a group of young people took part in the press conference for the launch of Gabriele Muccino’s film “Gli anni più belli” (The Most Beautiful Years), resuming the event from a new point of view, that of a twenty-year-old guy who for the first time has the chance to get in touch with actors, director and producers.

Between emotion and curiosity, Cristina Cannastraci, Daniele Cimaglia, Sandro Circi, Leonardo di Giacobbe, Irene di Salvo, Davide Magdalone and Yeodit Pace, coordinated by the lecturers Michele Palazzi and Claudio Spuri, interacted with the cast, generating photographic and audiovisual contents that were then broadcast on social channels.

The final objective is the realization of a video that tells the launch of the film, starting from the meeting with the protagonists and arriving at the film preview (to be held this evening, February 3 at the Auditorium Conciliazione).

The RAI Cinema – RUFA synergy aims to give students the chance to test themselves on the field and on real projects. During the year the collaboration, always focused on storytelling and transmediality, will see the development of different initiatives:

– RUFA short films column: RAI Cinema will select short films made by the students of the Cinema school to create a dedicated section on the digital platform;

– contest “La realtà che non esiste” (The reality that does not exist): the students of the Cinema and Multimedia arts and design schools will collaborate with RAI Cinema for the realization of the multimedia products that will be part of the project, in particular the launching videomapping and the short VR;

– creativity and communication of short films: a group of students from the schools of Cinema and Graphic design will project the materials and the communication campaign for the launch of some of RAI Cinema’s short films.

For RUFA students they will all have the opportunity to confront themselves with the labour market, in which they will become part at the end of their studies more aware and skilled, thanks to an academic approach that is not only theoretical but also practical.