“Mi guardo intorno”: Solo exhibition by Silvia Rosa

“Mi guardo intorno”, I immerse myself in colors, shapes, lines, more or less defined geometries, places. The inauguration of the exhibition, curated by Carlotta De Martino, will take place on Wednesday 12th February 2020, at 6 pm, at RUFA Space – Pastificio Cerere in via degli Ausoni, 7a/b.

The canvases by Silvia Rosa, an expert young painter, are intimate spaces; the saturation and brilliance of the colours tear our memories, our desire for intimacy, from the warmth and delicacy that would distinguish them, if they were real.

We observe the canvases and admire the wisdom of the technique. It confuses us, diverts our attention, and becomes the expedient we didn’t know we had, to find ourselves sitting on that sofa, or intent on climbing the steps of that staircase, which is familiar to us.

“Mi guardo intorno” is a walk into our showcase world. It creates an image that seduces and manipulates, that wants to enchant the viewer: the ambiguity that it is evident that it collects elements taken from different contexts. We recognize the environment, there are perspective elements that guide the vision, but at the same time the space we observe is illusory.

The use of colour makes the contours vanish, it mixes the reference points: the daily sphere is attacked by the display, which is what surrounds us, and which makes things take shape.

The pictorial path puts before our eyes the disintegration of the contours of a man who, even where he is about to disintegrate, remains attached to the one thing that cannot easily show: himself.

The exhibition will be open until Friday February 14th 2020.