Photography and audiovisual

RUFA, meeting between music, photography and video

The project “Le immagini sfocate”, curated by RUFA lecturer Alessandro Carpentieri with the presence of Marco Ariano, will be held on Monday 10th February at 4.30 p.m. in the photography classrooms of via Benaco 1. The meeting, dedicated to videomakers and photographers, is aimed at presenting the dance and music experience “DE-STARE – Paesaggi dello smisurato” (DE-STARE – Landscapes of the boundless) which, among other activities, includes a body-sound workshop performance.

Marco Ariano is a percussionist, experimenter and intermediate artist who synthesizes the originality of his work in the interweaving of “anarchophonie-corpofonie-geophonie”. Among his interdisciplinary projects: “La Vacuità Splendente”, “n frammenti limbici”, “Degli insetti”, “Quaderno Cinese”. In the course of his activities he founded improvisational writing groups such as “Opera Mutica”, “Xubuxue”, “K Mundi”, “Ensemble Intondo” and “Index 03”. He has collaborated with many artists of the contemporary scene (music, theatre, dance, poetry, visual arts), including Alvin Curran, Mike Mainieri, Vincent Courtois, Blixa Bargeld, Elio Martusciello, Okapi, Marcello Sambati, Alessandra Cristiani, Jennifer Scappettone, Marco Giovenale and Pietro D’Agostino. He teaches percussion at the Accademia Nazionale di Danza.

In the experience will find space “tremors, polyrhythmias, vocal dejections, r-noises, dilations, as well as the over-rhythmic pulse”. “These are the times of a work – explains Aryan himself – in which the bodies lose their way to unfold in new landscapes of resonance. The ecstatic experience is silent, it cannot be said. It can, however, be witnessed in the legacy of sensitive, affective, imaginary traces, in blurred images”.