Solo exhibition: “KATA LOGON – the poetics of (past) time”

As the final result of the thesis discussion that will take place in the February 2020 session, “KATA LOGON – the poetics of (past) time”, tries to become a work in itself. The intent, is to make clear a different vision of time, not chronological, but cairological. It is fundamental the care of the moment, taken in its characteristic of non-(re)presentation, and analyzed according to the concept that each has its own uniqueness. That uniqueness which, added together in its passing, leads to the result of our days, of our years and to the awareness that we are the consequence of what we have lived.

It is not necessary to give time a meaning such as “present”, “past”, “future”, because we are going to refer to a way of living it that Augustine made coincide with the capacity for sensitive perception that belongs to the human being. To feel the surrounding, to live the full moments we have at our disposal.

“KATA LOGON – the poetics of (past) time” is a collective exhibition of six young artists (Aurora Augenti, Silvia Bottero, Giselle Cantonetti, Laura Capriglia, Amedeo Longo, Leopoldo Morresi) who, in their artistic and human journey, find themselves sharing and living together at the same time and making it a balanced and empathic exchange. The artists have been called to develop autonomously the same theme of the thesis to realize a collective exhibition in the RUFA Space in via degli ausoni. In each work there is a note of recall of the others, without adding to the individual identity, but as a further freedom of observation of the whole.

The exhibition, which will be open from the 24th to the 28th of February, starting at 6:00 p.m., presents five installations and one photographic work, as well as a photographic portrait and one written for each of the invited artists on display, with the exception of Silvia Bottero. The exhibition is the final graduation work of Silvia Bottero, who also acts as curator.

The exhibition is designed to demonstrate how much time is hidden behind the creation of elective affinities and the gratitude that is placed towards those who accompany us every day, our steps and how, unconsciously, they are part of it in practice.

People become the addition, the key to reading, the mechanism of this poetics that is proposed as the fulcrum of our continuous becoming.