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“Mi guardo intorno”: Solo exhibition by Silvia Rosa – Photos

“…and one after the other those extraordinary human beings that are called colours came out one after the other exultantly joyful, reflective, fantastic and immersed in each other, living in themselves and for themselves, individually endowed with all the qualities necessary to lead an autonomous life and ready at all times to bend spontaneously to new combinations to mix with each other and to create infinite series of new worlds” – (Vasilij Kandinskij).

Silvia Rosa’s canvases are intimate spaces; the saturation and brilliance of the colours tear our memories, our desire for intimacy, from the warmth and delicacy that would distinguish them, if they were real.

“Mi guardo intorno” and I immerse myself in colours, shapes, lines, more or less defined geometries, places. The opening of the exhibition, curated by Carlotta De Martino, took place on Wednesday, 12th February 2020, at 6 pm, at RUFA Space – Pastificio Cerere. The use of color makes the contours fade away, mixes the reference points: the daily life-sphere is attacked by the exhibition, which is what surrounds us, and makes things take shape.

The pictorial path puts before our eyes the disintegration of the contours of a man who, even where he is about to disintegrate, remains attached to the one thing he cannot easily show: himself.

The exhibition was open until Friday, 14th February 2020.

“Mi guardo intorno”: Solo exhibition di Silvia Rosa