Sculpture and Installations

Solo exhibition: “KATA LOGON – the poetics of (past) time” – Photos and video

With the exhibition “KATA LOGON – the poetics of (past) time” exhibited the 24th to the 28th of February, RUFA announced the birth of the collective called “Spazio Temporale” and is composed of six young artists: Aurora Augenti, Silvia Bottero, Giselle Cantonetti, Laura Capriglia, Amedeo Longo, Leopoldo Morresi. Young people who, in their artistic and human path, find themselves sharing and living together in a balanced and empathetic exchange through five installations and a photographic work, as well as a photographic portrait and a written one for each of the artists invited to exhibit, with the exception of Silvia Bottero. The exhibition is the final result of Silvia Bottero’s graduation work, who also acts as curator.

The exhibition has been designed to demonstrate how much time is hidden behind the creation of elective affinities and the gratitude that is placed towards those who accompany us every day, our steps and how, unconsciously, they are part of it in practice.

Each artist has independently developed the same theme, the past moments that are lived day after day:
Giselle Cantonetti felt the need to leave a trace with the people with whom she shared moments of life through her work entitled “Firm Points”.

Silvia Bottero‘s installation has been realized with the embossing technique to have a direct contact with paper, creating a double reality to make time and space a human place where to live and cohabit.

Through painting, Laura Capriglia tried to represent her experiences within a given period of time.

Amedeo Longo‘s work showed us ten transfusion bags filled with 250 ml of salt water that the sea gives us every day.

Leopoldo Morresi with his photographic work described the “poetics of elapsed time” through the union of interpersonal relationships that are created during a lifetime.

Aurora Augenti related a white notebook with the human being, each line is different from the others and goes to emphasize the spent time of each person, its history and its experience.

“KATA LOGON – la poetica del tempo (trascorso)”