Computer Animation and Visual Effects

Graphic design

Federico Landini realized the music and sound design of “The Suicide of Rachel Foster”.

An engaging and dynamic soundtrack, able to catalyze the user and wrap him in an immersive experience, never trivial. Federico Landini, RUFA lecturer in sound design, has created the music for the videogame “The Suicide of Rachel Foster” which, since its launch on the market, has attracted fans of the genre,

The protagonist is Nicole: a woman who has abandoned Montana and the Timberline Hotel, a huge mountain building run by her family. About ten years earlier a tragedy occurred there: her father Leonard, going against all moral and ethical logic, fell in love with Reverend Foster’s 16-year-old daughter. After becoming pregnant, young Rachel took her own life. From that moment on, Nicole and her mother’s existence turned into an escape from those memories. After the death of both parents she is forced to return to that place, so she can close the paperwork for the sale of the building, give all the proceeds to the Foster family and try to move on for real.

These are the premises of a narrative that develops over the course of a handful of hours, without ever getting bored, so much so that the visit that had to be quick and immediate turns into a longer stay. The rest is all to be discovered.

The music by Federico Landini, who studied piano and composition at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia and has collaborated with many directors, emphasize the various stages of the game in an ever new combination, also filling the expectations of the players. The sound department, made of sampled effects in an extraordinary way and on the sensations that it is able to transfer, has some masterly. The positional sound and some specific moments really leave one’s mouth open.