Yes, it is a justified move for work requirements.

Yes, you can always go out to buy groceries and there is no need to buy them now because they will always be available.

Yes, but only in case of strict necessity, such as light bulbs that have electrocuted in the house.

Yes, it is a condition of necessity. Remember, however, that the elderly are the most vulnerable people and so try to protect them from contact as much as possible.

All events organised, as well as events in public or private places, including those of a cultural, recreational, sporting, religious and trade fair nature, are suspended throughout the country, even if they are held indoors but open to the public (cinemas, theatres, pubs, dance schools, amusement arcades, betting and bingo halls, discos and similar establishments).

No, no restrictions. All goods (i.e. not only essential goods) can be transported on national territory. The transport of goods is considered as a work requirement: the staff who drive the means of transport can move, limited to the needs of delivery or pick-up of the goods.

Yes, they can circulate.

You must avoid leaving the house. You can leave for work or for health reasons or other needs, such as the purchase of necessary goods. You must, however, be able to prove it, even by means of a self-declaration that can be made on pre-printed forms already supplied to the state and local police forces. The truthfulness of self-declarations will be subject to subsequent checks and the non truthfulness constitutes a crime. There is also an “absolute ban” on leaving the house for those who are subject to quarantine or who are positive for the virus.

You can download the form at this link.