There are no miracle diets against viral infections. But surely following a proper dietary lifestyle helps to facilitate the healing process and in times of smart working and reduced mobility, to avoid putting on too much weight.

The Italian Society of Human Nutrition, with the support of the Ministry of Health, has introduced guidelines for eating well and keeping fit.

1. To avoid weight gain, it is good to bring on the table only what you have decided to eat, serving a “right” portion of each course, without adding anything else.

2. It is essential to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks and other products rich in sugar.

3. Avoid the abuse of salt and high-fat condiments.

4. Consume at least 5 portions a day of fruit and vegetables, sources of minerals and vitamins (especially vitamin C and A) useful for strengthening the immune system and protecting the respiratory tract.

5. Maintain regular, although limited, motor activity (exercise bikes, treadmills, but also free body gymnastics 1 or 2 times a day).

6. Try, if possible, to expose arms and legs to the sun every day for 15-30 minutes to promote endogenous vitamin D synthesis.

7. The need to stay at home and in the family can be an opportunity to devote more attention and a little more time to the preparation of healthier and tastier food, respecting Mediterranean traditions: it will benefit your health but also your mood.

8. Do not taste during the preparation of the dishes and never eat standing up and hurriedly.

9. It is good to set the table every time, dedicating time to conviviality. Involving others in the preparation of food promotes iteration.

10. It is good to vary your diet, enriching it with fruit, vegetables and legumes.