Open call to realize a collective fiction film in the time of Coronavirus

The artistic direction of the “Roma Creative Contest” presented the project “Quarta Parete” (Fourth Wall) which concerns the realization of a collective film to keep the creative stimulus of filmmakers during the quarantine due to Covid-19. The challenge for the participants is to make, from their own home and with the tools they have at their disposal, a fictional short film with a maximum length of 15 minutes.

The best short films will be edited later and will give life to a collective film, which will be shown as a preview at the tenth edition of the “Roma Creative Contest”.

Each story will be connected to the others with narrative links proposed in the call that each competitor will have to shoot, within the limits of his possibilities, regardless of his specific story.

The final cut will be signed by the award-winning editor Marco Spoletini (“Dogman”, “Gomorra”, “Il racconto dei racconti”, “Pinocchio”, “Velocità massima”, “La terra dell’abbastanza”). The aim is to represent, through a creative idea, the moment of isolation in its different and multifaceted aspects.

Each story can be selected in its entirety or in a part of it. Each author is free to represent any kind of story and the Festival will take care to tie them together through narrative elements common to all that use the walls and windows of our houses as a point of contact.

To participate the filmmakers will have to follow the guidelines and the rules that will be constantly updated on the website from which you can also download the info of attendance. Registration to the competition is free and the first deadline for the submission of projects is 30th May 2020.