RUFA, the Cinema School to conquer the Vertigo Film Festival

Creativity doesn’t stop. RUFA, since the beginning of the pandemic that still affects the art world, has launched a clear message in the sign of continuity. It has done so in new ways and has further strengthened the sense of community that envelops the Academy.

In this scenario the most substantial contribution has been generated by the teachers and students. The first ones not only transmitted notions and culture, but also transformed themselves into life counsellors; the second ones understood the need to undertake different paths, treasuring the cognitive heritage of those who have graduated and are preparing to become a protagonist of the creative industry.

The results were not lacking. The class 3B of the School of Cinema of the academic year 2018/2019 was awarded two important prizes in the first edition of the Vertigo Film Festival: the “Best Documentary” and the “Best Editing”. This is a monthly festival dedicated to international short films in which independent and authorial works are sought without budget discrimination. The name is obviously inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s homonymous film.

The students of RUFA, coordinated by the teacher Christian Angeli, competed with the project “Caring about Uno”, dedicated to the street artist UNO: directed by Gabriele Labianca; written by Andree Lucini, Gabriele Labianca, Carlo Quinto; edited by Maria Nikole Iacobellis and William Ridley; operator Gianluca Leccese; organization Sophie Peretz; assistant director Daniele Illuminati; music by Pier Giorgio Talone and Davide Piunti.