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Creativity beyond boundaries

Meetings and talks with the most influential characters of the art system to relaunch a unique and clear message: creativity does not stop. In its becoming is an unstoppable process that spans time and history, as well as generations. It has no point of reference, no beginning and no end: it is only possible to store it in its being, to generate new forms and materials.

For those who attend an Academy of Fine Arts this condition is well known, in the awareness that one can be a protagonist of one’s own time, in search of a consecration to pursue, only with passion.

It is in this scenario that RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts has planned a series of talk and live performances that, until next May 5, will anticipate the Digital Open Day – RUFA Experience, already scheduled for Saturday, May 9. The objectives are clear: to offer not only to its students, but also to the outside world, insights into the contemporary world. Among the appointments already scheduled is the dialogue broadcast on Instagram channels between Daniele Ciprì, famous director, screenwriter, director of photography, and Sebastiano Riso, talented director and screenwriter who studied Cinema in RUFA.

Tuesday May 5th at 5.30pm, Caterina Tomeo, critic, curator and author, and Teho Teardo, composer, musician and sound designer, will trespass into sonic art, with a talk in direct Instagram entitled “Safe and sound” and a final live performance of the artist.

And then two welcome returns: Stefan Sagmeister and Karim Rashid. Two designers, two of the highest expressions of modernity, but also those who, in 2015 and 2016 respectively, held the RUFA Contest, allowing creativity to turn into an event and fill Rome’s biggest theatres. A path that, from then on, allowed to listen and appreciate, among others, Diébédo Francis Kéré, Shirin Neshat and David LaChapelle. The video messages sent to RUFA by Sagmeister and Rashid, as well as those of other characters that will be defined from now on, are part of a solidarity plan launched by RUFA to contribute to fundraising and thus fight the current health emergency.

Many guests will make the day of May 9, during the Digital Open Day – RUFA Experience truly unique live on the Instagram RUFA channel: at 12.30 Zerocalcare “From comics to cartoons and back!” ; at 14. 30 Giulia Tornari (RUFA teacher and director of the Contrast Agency) and Lorenzo Tugnoli (Italian photojournalist who won the Pulitzer Prize in 2019) will talk about their passion for photography; at 3.30pm Caterina Tomeo, coordinator of the Master of Arts in Multimedia Art and Design at RUFA, and Filippo Gualazzi, audiovisual artist newly graduated from RUFA, will develop a session entitled “Safe and sound” dedicated to sound research followed by a live performance with Bitnet01 Collective. At 4.30 p.m. the teacher Fiorenza Pinna and Elisa Medde will discuss contemporary photography. Elisa Medde, editor and curator, is also the Editor in Chief of “FOAM MAGAZINE” a point of reference in the image sector, famous also for the “FOAM TALENT” an important award dedicated to emerging artists from 18 to 35 years old.

In addition, at 4.30 pm Giacomo Ciarrapico, director and screenwriter, and Andrea Sartoretti, actor, connected via Live webinar on the site, will answer all students’ questions about the world of cinema.

The program is in continuous evolution: follow RUFA social channels, to not miss anything.

As always, even if this time in virtual mode, Saturday 9 May RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts opens the doors to high school students, undergraduates and those who intend to continue their training in the sign of specialization. The innovative digital and multimedia format of the Digital Open Day will allow to talk through live webinars with teachers, staff members and also with the many students who have experienced RUFA – Experience.

During the day will be introduced the Bachelor of Arts and master of Arts program, educational activities, workshops, research projects and artistic production. Digital Open Day – RUFA Experience is synonymous of exploration. A project that wants to extend a hand to the new generations and to the future, putting aside the alibi of isolation. The awareness of an artist is not limited by any physical barrier. The mind flies, has no boundaries, expands, contaminates and influences. And the artist in becoming can thus imagine, hypothesize and reinvent himself. In RUFA creativity does not stop and is just a click away.